For every honor or award bestowed onto this site there have been a handful of people who have helped make it happen. These people include:

Lori L., who puts up with my grumpy attitude, provides honest criticism when nobody else will, and doesn't laugh too loud when the pictures come out badly...

Mark & Lori, for helping introduce the beauty of Iceland to me.

Kevin B., who showed me the photographic possibilities this island has to offer over some low dose fellowship and a home run chase (write me...).

John, who helped teach me a thing or two (or three, or a thousand) about 35mm cameras, film, Photoshop, and life in general and served as a sounding board when one was really needed.

Anna, who helped me with the initial subject names in Icelandic and has helped when translations were desperately needed.

Jim (of the 'one of the Jim's'), who provided some needed testing with the Sep 2002 rebuild.

Knútur, for the fine hospitality.

Pálmi, Sveinn, Tim, and Einar, who provided me with some needed insights on Icelandic culture.

Kay and Pétur, who have recently given me some needed direction in the way of proofreading and suggesting better alternatives to the Icelandic words I've used for subject headings.

Ed, who very early in the life of the site nudged me into the proper direction on some format issues.

And probably a hundred more people who have helped me along the way that and has made a lasting impression on me, but because it was in the days BP (before Palm) I've let your name slip. Please accept my thanks even though my senility has caused me to forget your name.

A few neat things have happened to the site since it's inception. Here are a few of them...

January 1999
Listed on Iceland Review's New Sites of the Month
01 March 1999
Landscapes of Iceland's Featured New Site for the Months of March & April.
16 March 1999
Four pictures featured in slide show of Iceland (LeisurePlanet is gone, but not forgotten...)
07 April 1999
A Lockergnome Site of the Day
26 April 1999
Skógafoss in the Snow featured as Steve's Digicam's Digital Picture of the Day
03 May 1999
Listed on The Very Best of Iceland, a seperate site by Ed Jackson where he picks the cream of the Icelandic web page crop. This site sadly has been taken down.
November 1999
Hvalsneskirkja Sunset received an Honorable Mention in the Eye on Iceland Photo Contest.
November 2000
Synergise Travel Site has given the web site with a Gold Award.
August 2001
The site won a Golden Web Award from The International Association of Webmasters and Designers
December 2002
Eleven images from the site published on the NAS Keflavík Fleet and Family Support Center 2003 Calendar.

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