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Here are some of my favorite Icelandic links, split up between links about Iceland and Iceland photos and photographers.
Things Icelandic
Iceland Tourist Board -
Good information on visiting Iceland to include accomodations. Best of it's type I've found.

Iceland Youth Hostels -
The full list of hostels in Iceland with location, price, and dates open.

Icelandair -
For the people in the U.S. who want to travel to Iceland, Icelandair is the only carrier with direct service. The good news is that Icelandair is by far the best airline I've ever flown on. Period. And I've logged much more than my fair share of flying miles. Great people, good airline, and a good web site.

Natural History of Iceland -
The most comprehensive site that I've found dealing with Iceland's flora and fauna. Easy to navigate, good images, and an outstanding resource. In English and Dutch. -
A web site dealing with Jökulsárlón (or Glacier Lagoon). There's a very significant gallery of pictures from the lagoon and good information for visitors. -
Christianity in Iceland is documented here, with nearly every church captured on film. This has proven to be an enormously beneficial site for me, especially in helping me get the names of the churches correct.

Nordic Adventure Travel -
Another of the comprehensive Iceland travel sites. The strength of this site is in the town-by-town detail that it provides.

Samkoma -
Easily mistaken at first as just another of the Icelandic mega-index sites, but this one is special. Great resources on the front page to include a currency converter and a place to chat in Icelandic. -
A great index type site of many things Icelandic. Quickly becoming one of my favorites.

The Icelandic Weekly -
A weekly newspaper from Canada publishing news and features of interest to people of Icelandic ancestry in both North America and in Iceland.

Rec.Travel Library:Iceland -
"Personal travelogues, trip reports, and worldwide tourist information" - an exceptionally good and diverse section on Iceland.

Icelandic Off-Road Racing -
One of many sites dealing with LIA Formula Off-Road Racing in Iceland. Info on Schedules, the Pizza 67 Truck and the rest of the Icelandic drivers and trucks, and many pictures.

Iceland Photos and Photographers
Some of my favorite photographers making images in Iceland include...
Nökkvi Elíasson and his site Deserted Farms in Black and White.
Daniel Bergmann and his site
Craig Grannell and his site Images from Iceland.
Rafn Sigurbjörnsson and his site Íslands-myndir.
Inger Helene Boasson and her self-titled website.

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