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01 March 2006
J. Miller Photography opened officially to the public on February 25th. This is where you can find prints of selected images from the web site, plus a small assortment of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and similar items. I'm working to get more images available, but I will not put an image out there for sale until I receive an acceptable proof from the company doing the printing and shipping of the images and/or other products. I'm shooting towards 2-3 new images a month. After I meet my costs, any excess will go towards my return trip to Iceland, whenever that may be.

The website rebuild is moving slowly but surely ahead. I am almost ready to debut the new Frequently Asked Questions page--hoping to have that up by mid-March. I will be going through and trimming images from the site, but at this point I think of it more as a clean-up rather than a demolition and reconstruction.

01 January 2006
Wow, it has been a while since I've updated this, but there hasn't been that much news to report.

I'm adding 1-2 images per month for the foreseeable future so that there will always be something new on the site. Summer 2005 was an outstanding shooting season and slowly but surely the images will make their way to the web site.

2006 is all ready shaping up to be an interesting year. I have begun work on rebuilding the site. At over 230 images, the site is once again getting unmanageable. As I have with the last two rebuilds, the number of images on the site will get down to a more respectable 150-160. I'm working with some potential new graphics combinations and I hope to have the new site up by mid-year.

As this new year starts, I am working on a number of fronts to make some of these images available for sale. When I started this site in 1998, the thought of doing this was beyond crazy--programming a web site to do that, dealing with credit card processing, printing images, etc. Just way too much work in what would have been a losing proposition. But things have changed in 8 years. Directly and indirectly I've been approached by a number of companies who do this sort of thing. I'm weighing my options at this time and hope by the time the new site is launched that a deal will be in place to do this.

15 June 2004 Update
New images are being added as I can find the time to scan the rolls of film into the computer.

A total of four images have been published lately in two different books. Three images have found their way into Tin Tabernacles: Corrugated Iron Mission Halls, Churches and Chapels of Britain, a book about the various churches and chapels in the United Kingdom that are constructed of corrugated iron. This book is available at for approximately £25 or directly from the publisher at £22.95 plus shipping outside of the UK.

Another image was used in Patterned Ground: Entanglements of Nature and Culture. It is available at

The quality of both of these books are outstanding (in spite of my contributions) and I want to thank those involved in the production of both of the books. Great work, gentlemen.

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