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You didn't reply to my e-mail. Why?
Sadly, my mailbox has become a magnet for spam. Unless your e-mail contains Iceland in the subject, my spam filter will spit it into the garbage. I am working to change all of the e-mail links on the site so that they will include Iceland in the subject line to make things easier, but until then you will have to add Iceland manually.
Where can I find more information about traveling to Iceland?
When I do my planning for traveling through Iceland, I use the following sources:
Gateway to Iceland - published by Iceland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it gives a good overall view of the country.
Icelandic Farm Holidays - Some of the best lodging in the country can be found here.
Hosteling International Iceland - Has some great background information in addition to providing listings for clean, safe lodging at a very low price.
There are many other good sites for additional background information in my Links page

When is the best time to come to Iceland?
My personal preference for travelling in Iceland is between about May 1st and October 15th. The weather tends to be more stable once you get into May (though any variety of cold/wet/icy weather is possible at any time of year) and the southern half of the island is starting to green up for the summer. Generally the weather holds pretty well until October. But the winter months hold many treasues to be seen and appreciated.

Is Iceland expensive?
For lodging, food, and transportaion the answer is an unqualified yes. A number of surveys and studies have been done in recent years that documented what many of us believed. However, much of what is out there to see and do can be done at little or no cost. Does it even out? Probably not. Is it worth it? An unqualified yes.

I don't understand the spellings of those names. How do you pronounce _______?
My goal has always been to use the Icelandic spellings of the place names. This is out of respect for the Icelanders and their langugage. For my Icelandic friends, if I have made a mistake in a spelling or naming, please e-mail me and I will make the correction as quickly as I can. My desire is to make sure I get things correct. However, for non-Icelandic speakers (me included) some of the words can be a challenge to try to pronounce. The best guide that I've seen lately is the BBC's h2g2 - Guide to Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Are you an Icelander?
No, I'm an American who has had the privilege and good fortune to be able to visit the Land of Fire and Ice for extended periods of time.

Copyright/Terms of Usage
How may I use these pictures?
All images on this website are © 1998-2006 Jim Miller. All rights are reserved. You may not use these images for any other purpose including but not limited to web sites or any other form of electronic publishing, traditional (paper) publishing, television production, or magnetic or optical media without my express permission.

I believe in the concept of fair use which I define as the use of these images (beyond standard surfing of this site) for non-commercial gain in reasonable quantities (i.e. less than ten images used for a educational purpose which will not be reproduced on the Internet, a couple of images stored on a local machine for purposes of wallpaper or stationery, etc). Some things that are not fair use and are not allowed include, but are not limited to: Using a picture on this web site directly on another web site, using an image as part of a sales brochure, using a picture on this web site as part of a blog or other form of electronic bulletin board, any use that raises funds, whether or not it will be "for profit." I reserve the right to determine what is and what isn't fair use, and using an image outside of my generous definition of fair use will incur a $250 USD per view fee plus collection fees, payable to me upon demand. Your use of this web site signifies that you agree to this.

In short, if you wish to use of these images beyond fair use, it requires my permission.

I'd like to publish one of your images. What do I need to do?
Please see my Publishing page for details.
Photographic / Prints
What kind of camera do you shoot with?
The images on this site come from many different cameras. They include an Olympus D-220L, Canon AE-1, Canon Elan 7e. My current camera is a Canon EOS 10D with a wide variety of Canon EF lenses. All four cameras have spoiled me in ways that are hard to describe.

Why are the images so small?
There are four primary reasons for this. First, it's expensive to run a web site without advertising. Smaller images mean more folks can see the site without my having to get somebody else to pay for my hobby. Second, I want to make sure that all visitors can see these pages. You would be surprised how many people are still running 800x600 resolution (or lower). This is the happy medium. Also, because of the blatant copyright violations I've had in the past, keeping it smaller reduces the likelihood that others will help themselves. And last, some of the images are in their largest version. That was one of the limitations of the D-220L.
I would like to buy a print of one of your images. Where can I find them?
I have a small but growing number of images available as prints at J Miller Photography. More images are being added monthly. If you see one that you think should be available, e-mail me.

Privacy Policy
What is your privacy policy?

My privacy policy is very simple. I do not attempt to link up a visit to my site with the person who visited unless I have substantial evidence that my terms of usage for this web site are being violated.

My host provider, Pair.Com, keeps a log of visits to the website storing such information as IP Address, time of day, pictures/pages requested, size of the request, and it's success or failure. This is done primarily for purposes of determining how much to charge me or if I'm exceeding my daily bandwidth limit. On a daily basis, Pair.Com makes this system log available to me.

On a periodic basis, I take those system logs and run an analysis using Analog 5.24. I do this to:
1. Determine if my web design has any problems.
2. Determine what picture areas are the favorites so I can tailor the site to those types of pictures.
3. Determine if there is evidence that my terms of usage are being violated.
4. Determine in generalities where my visitors are coming from (i.e. what country) for my own personal gratification and ego boosting.

I do not and will not attempt to line up the information in the system logs to an individual user except where abuse is obvious. I have not and will not sell these logs. In cases where I am detecting abuse, I will isolate the abuse (if possible) to a specific IP address or a range of IP addresses and allow the originating ISP to research from there.

In cases where I believe that my terms of usage are being violated, I will go to the offending individual's ISP, make notice of the terms usage violation and try to resolve it at that level. If it is not resolved to my satisfaction, I will consult my legal representation for collection of payment.

I do not and will not sell the e-mail addresses of people who send me correspondence.

In the very far distant future, I may make a summary of the analysis available to potential advertisers, but only in general terms. I will only make the system logs available for puposes of validating my general analysis and will not release this information without a promise from that potential advertiser not to use them in any manner inconsistent with the above paragraph. Note that I currently have no intentions on selling advertising, but add this statement as a catch-all in case some day somebody offers me a huge pile of money to sponsor the site. I'm not holding my breath...

I do not send out any cookies from this site.

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