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A Couple Words to Start...
I am posting this how-and-why page to avoid trying to explain it a few times each month in e-mail.

Publication was not even a thought when I started taking pictures, and my choice in equipment and film reflected that. I eventually migrated to better equipment as I learned this craft and wanted to make better images. I continue to share the older images on this site to demonstrate the beauty I have found here in Iceland and hope that others too will find.

Do I Have What You Think I Have?
If think that I have an image that will meet your publication's need, you first need to look at the date of the photo that you would like to use.

If that date is before May 1999, the image will not be of sufficient size to meet any publication needs. I was shooting almost strictly digital during this time period, and the technology of the day produced small pictures. Unless you are designing postage stamps, the images I have will be too small for your use. I may (stressing may) have a similar image taken of the same subject at a later time, but this is not likely.

If the date is after May 1999, then chances are good I have either the image on the site available or another very similar image taken at the same time. If the date on the image is after June  2002, then I almost definitely have the image available in film.

An alternate way under Internet Explorer is to mouse over the image and check to see what camera I used to make the image. Olympus D-220L images most likely cannot be used for publication. Canon AE-1, Elan 7e, and 10D images are suitable for publication.

I Have The Image, Now What?
If I have what you are looking for, then contact me. Provided that I am agreeable to the project and a fair price can be negotiated, the mechanics are as follows:

1. I will grant one-time, non-exclusive rights for the project you are working on.
2. I will provide an electronic copy of the image in the size, format, and color space of your choosing. I perform my film scans with the Coolscan IV/LS-40 and will scan to your specifications. 10D images are all available in raw and .jpg format.
3. You will provide payment appropriate to the size of the print run and the type of organization requesting the image. There are several guides available online, but I recommend that you make an offer and we'll talk from there. For the right cause and/or the right project I will provide the image for as little as a by-line and a copy of the finished product.

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